Our Services

The mission of the organization is helping low-income women with legal problems, the organization will provide information, legal support and legal services provided by lawyers who are experts in helping low-income women with legal problems. House for womens legal support is a national charitable, non profit organization founded in 2020. work to advance the substantive equaility rights for womens and girls in Canada through litigation, law reform using the canadian charter of rights and freedom.

Once case at a time...

  • Violence against women
  • Violence domestic
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Family law
  • Criminal law
  • Litigation
  • Immigration Law
  • Psychosocial Intervention
  • Accompaniment
  • Restraining Order
  • Formal Letter
  • Cease and decease letter
  • Child support
  • Commissioner of Oaths

There is none organisation so far in montreal that provides legal aid for low-income women’s only to resolve any legal issue individually. Every women has the right to grow up and live free from violence and fear. Yet millions of women’s around the world are vulnerable to gender-specific, physical violence, sexual abuse, negligence and emotional abuse.

Note: Your partner does not have the right to have you deported. Only federal immigration authorities can decide to deport someone. If you are new to Canada, you might be worried you will be forced to leave Canada if you leave your abusive partner.

Your partner might threaten to have you deported from Canada if you report their abuse or if you leave them.


KEEP an extra set of keys and some money outside your home or in a secret place in case you need to leave quickly.
  • TELL friends and family members you can trust about your situation.
  • AVOID arguments in the bathroom, kitchen, garage or anywhere there are sharp objects.
  • PUT your back toward open space, not toward a corner, if at all possible during arguments.
  • TEACH your children to be safe by staying out of the violence, calling 911, and going to a safe place.
  • HAVE a list of phone numbers of friends and family who can help in a safe and accessible place.

House for Women's Legal Support is aiming to establish a non-profit organization for Latins located in Montreal. The location currently lacks such a legal platform that supports women for their legal rights and freedom. We will serve women to solve their legal problems that cause an incredibly vulnerable situation. By founding our platform, it helps the lower-income group to increase their opportunities by becoming an independent citizen. They can contribute to the society socially and economically.

House for Women's Legal Support will support the women by following type of services:

House for Women's Legal Support is providing legal support to Latin women, but it is not limited to them as we are targeting all women. Our primary focus is to serve low-income groups to get their rights and freedom in society to gain equality. Women can raise their voice at our non-profit platform to develop their success paths.

With the support of legal advisors, lawyers, and extensive research, the cases will be solved. Through this, women can increase their opportunities to move forward in the society. It will advantage the economy to adopt structural changes ethically.

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