House for women’s legal support.

Provides information, legal support and legal services, provided by lawyers who are experts in helping low-income women with legal problems.

The women at our foundation are coming from extremely vulnerable situation that have cause them to experience a very low sense of self worth. We are unique Latin community foundation that support low income women with legal problems.

House for Women's Legal Support is providing legal support to Latin women, but it is not limited to them as we are targeting all women. Our primary focus is to serve low-income groups to get their rights and freedom in society to gain equality. Women can raise their voice at our non-profit platform to develop their success paths. With the support of legal advisors, lawyers, and extensive research, the cases will be solved. Through this, women can increase their opportunities to move forward in the society. It will advantage the economy to adopt structural changes ethically.


Push for an end to violence .
So many women, girls face high rates of physical sexual and emotional abuse.


We celebrate the humanity in each women and believe people and relationships are the foundation of our success

Social Justice

We believe that structural changes are needed in order to increase opportunities for those who are least well off, socially and economically.


A Non-Profit Organization to support the women’s in society
Specifically targeting the Latins in Montreal, where no such platform exists for their support
Mission to provide legal support and assistance who falls under the low-income group
We have highly trained & experienced industry lawyers and paralegals

Improving lifestyle of communities by providing equal rights and freedom

The reason behind the unavailability of the judicial system raises the need for such platforms. Therefore, House of Women's Legal Support is aiming to establish a non-profit organization that helps women to get legal access.

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